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Information:The new list only supports Forge and General tutorials.
You can still view the old list from the menu above.
The site is still under construction and features may change.
If you want a tutorial added to the list, please say so in the forum thread or PM me.
Feedback can be delivered in the page's forum thread
Suggestions, comments and so on are very welcome.
If you are a AUTHOR of a tutorial and want to add/change information about you on these pages, then contact me on the MinecraftForums or ForgeForums via PM
Changelog: UPDATES:28/11 - Major rework of the site.
* Author pages, each other has his own page listing his tutorials and basic information about the author.
* Video/Text tutorial types.
* Version status for both 1.6 and 1.7 for all tutorials.
* New design. Just another simple one.
* New list limited to Forge/General tutorials only. (The old list still exists!)
* Authors List, New page showing all authors, their avatars and the number of tutorials they have in the new list.