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39Adding custom sounds TEXT TUTORIAL Basics Mazetar How to add and play custom sound and music files.WorksUntested
61Advance Configuration Files TEXT TUTORIAL Basics AbrarSyed How to properly create configuration files. Minecraft 1.3 -> 1.6.XWorksUntested
42Animation Guide TEXT TUTORIAL Models & RenderingGeneralPrograms & Tools Uno165 Learns you how to animate techne models, loads of math involved but damn the results are nice!WorksWorksWorks in all versions
64Basic forge, @Mod file - Getting started TEXT TUTORIAL Basics Unkown / Non-minecrafter Multiple Authors, Series in basic modding. Details how to setup the @Mod file and get started modding.WorksUntested
37Building Generation in Custom Dimension TEXT TUTORIAL Worldgen Jimmy04creeper Shows how to generate a simple house in your custom dimension. Should be easily adaptable to your needs.WorksUntested
43Coremod - Change the src without base edits TEXT TUTORIAL General culegooner Covers the concept of runtime bytecode manipulation with the help of the ASM API in forge.WorksUntested
33CRAFTING TABLE WITH CUSTOM GRID SIZES TEXT TUTORIALVIDEO TUTORIAL GUI microjunk Tutorials for 2x2 and 5x5 crafting tables. Can easily be adopted to your own size of course.WorksUntested
59CUSTOM CONTAINER: HOW TO PROPERLY OVERRIDE SHIFT-CLICKING TEXT TUTORIAL GUI coolAlias How you can override the default shift-clicking action in your container.WorksUntested
40Custom fluid - Creating simple new fluids TEXT TUTORIAL GUI Mazetar How to create your own fluids, your own fluid container and make buckets able to pick it up.WorksUntested
56CUSTOM INVENTORIES IN ITEMS AND PLAYERS TEXT TUTORIAL GUI coolAlias Covers various aspects of Inventory, from storing an inventory in an Item's NBT tag to adding custom slots to the player's inventory screen.WorksUntested
38Custom sky renderer for your dimension TEXT TUTORIAL Worldgen Jimmy04creeper How to make a custom skyRenderer MinorUntested
49Datawatcher - What they are and how to use them TEXT TUTORIAL Entities/Mobs Hydroflame Teacher you how to use the datawatcher to keep track of entity value between client and serverWorksUntested
35Dimensions huge tutorial TEXT TUTORIAL Worldgen Jimmy04creeper Everything related to creating your own dimension.MinorUntestedWorks in 1.6 with minor changes, originally made for 1.5
41Eclipse keybindings/shortcuts TEXT TUTORIAL General Mazetar Speed up you're workflow by using shortcuts, saves a lot of clicking!WorksWorksWorks in any version.
54Events and EventHandling TEXT TUTORIAL General coolAlias How to set up and use Forge Events. WorksUntested
55Extended Entity Properties - Store extra data in an entity TEXT TUTORIAL Entities/Mobs coolAlias Big tutorial on how to store variables in existing entities, including how to save/load them from NBT and how to temporary store them when the properties gets wipes.WorksUntested
73Getting Started with ForgeGradle TEXT TUTORIAL BasicsGeneralPrograms & Tools GrygrFlzr Forge Gradle tutorial, learn how to use the new and improved build system.WorksWorksWorks in the latest 1.6 forge build and from 1.7 and onward.
48GIT - Version Control tutorial TEXT TUTORIAL General Unkown / Non-minecrafter This tutorial explains the usage of the distributed version control system Git via the command line. The examples were done on Linux (Ubuntu) but should also work on other operating systems like Microsoft Windows.WorksWorks
60Gui Overlay (Custom huds) TEXT TUTORIAL GUIModels & Rendering Unkown / Non-minecrafter This tutorial describes how to draw an overlay on the main game screen. Examples in the game are the experience bar and hot bar.WorksUntested
46How does Minecraft render items TEXT TUTORIAL General The Grey Ghost Detailed guide on how Minecraft's source works. Detailing how it render items and showing each of the various types of item rendering being done.WorksWorks
45How Forge starts up your code TEXT TUTORIAL General The Grey Ghost How does forge use @Mod and @EventHandler to get your mod loaded? What kind of sourcery is involved? TGG clears the confusion in this brilliant post!WorksWorks
44How minecraft works - A modders guide TEXT TUTORIAL GUI The Grey Ghost he point of this blog is to help new modders understand how Minecraft works. WorksWorks
65How to use TEXT TUTORIAL General MrrGingerNinja Details how to write the fileWorksWorks
50ITEM NBT - Store variables in each item instance TEXT TUTORIAL Basics Hydroflame How to properly use the NBTTagCompound in ItemStack. You can use this to store information about that particular item stack such as the amount of money in a purse or the keycode for a card.WorksUntested
47Java Debugging with Eclipse TEXT TUTORIAL Programs & Tools Unkown / Non-minecrafter How to use the Debugger in eclipseWorksWorksVersion is irrelevant, works in all versions.
34KEYBINDING TUTORIAL TEXT TUTORIAL General SoBiohazardous Covers how to make Keybindings, how to use them in GUIs and much more. The thread includes a lot of discussion on the topic as well.WorksUntested
66Logging - How to setup and use the LOGHELPER TEXT TUTORIAL Basics MrrGingerNinja Logging is a vital tool in debugging! Setting up a logger is something every modder should know!WorksUntested
32MICRO'S FURNACE TUTORIALS TEXT TUTORIALVIDEO TUTORIAL Inventory microjunk Double Furnace, Lava Furnace and Dual Input furnace tutorials. Also covers rendering smoke and their GUIsWorksUntestedWorks fine in 1.6.4
36Muliti Biome Dimension TEXT TUTORIAL Worldgen Jimmy04creeper Shows how to create a dimension which consists of more than one biome.MinorUntestedWorks with minor name changes.
58MULTI FURNACE WITH VARIABLE-INPUT RECIPES TEXT TUTORIAL Inventory coolAlias You will learn how to make a furnace that can take recipes with any number of inputs to give a single output.WorksUntested
62Packet Handling (Syncing Server & Client) TEXT TUTORIAL Basics AbrarSyed The What, Why and How of packets. Teaches you how to properly synchronize values between Server and Client. Note: Updated by several authors. Original by Havvy. WorksUntested
52TESR - Tile Entity Special Renderer TEXT TUTORIAL Models & Rendering Hydroflame Teaches you to understand, implement and use a TileEntitySpecialRendererWorksUntested
53Tesselator - how to use it TEXT TUTORIAL Models & Rendering Hydroflame How to use the tesselator to draw stuff.WorksUntested
51Using a wavefront (.OBJ) model TEXT TUTORIAL Models & Rendering Hydroflame How to render 3D models from .obj files in minecraft.WorksUntested
57USING POTIONS IN CRAFTING RECIPES TEXT TUTORIAL GeneralInventory coolAlias A simple tutorial on how to use potions in recipes.WorksUntested
67VSWE 1: Coding & a cup of Java VIDEO TUTORIAL GUI Vswe These are the recordings from the first course from Vswe's Summer Courses: Information about this course can be found here: irrelevant
68VSWE 2: Thinking with Objects VIDEO TUTORIAL Basics Vswe These are the recordings from the second course from Vswe's Summer Courses: Information about this course can be found here: irrelevant
69VSWE 3: Forging a Minecraft Mod VIDEO TUTORIAL Basics Vswe 3rd course from Vswe's summer courses. Basic forge modding. Se course information here: WorksUntested
70VSWE 4: Climbing the Interface ladder (GUI & Inventories) VIDEO TUTORIAL GUI Vswe 4th course in VSWE's Summer courses. Basic to Intermediate GUI tutorial detailing Sliders, Tabs, Syncronization, and more!WorksUntested
71VSWE 5: The anatomy of a Minecraft model (Animation, Models) VIDEO TUTORIAL Models & Rendering Vswe The 5th course from VSWE's Summer Courses. Minecraft modeling and Animation. Course info:
72VSWE 6: Bits and Pieces VIDEO TUTORIAL Basics Vswe 6th course from VSWE's Summer Courses. Detailing Bit operations and the Binary number system. Course information: irrelevant
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