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Bio:Forge modder with awesome knowledge of OpenGL/Rendering. Check out his creations, they are amazing! .
Projects:Forge Revolution - Trying to create a real MMO experience for minecraft:,11435.msg58804.html#msg58804

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IDName Type Categories Author: Description: 1.6:1.7:Notes:
49Datawatcher - What they are and how to use them TEXT TUTORIAL Entities/Mobs Hydroflame Teacher you how to use the datawatcher to keep track of entity value between client and serverWorksUntested
50ITEM NBT - Store variables in each item instance TEXT TUTORIAL Basics Hydroflame How to properly use the NBTTagCompound in ItemStack. You can use this to store information about that particular item stack such as the amount of money in a purse or the keycode for a card.WorksUntested
52TESR - Tile Entity Special Renderer TEXT TUTORIAL Models & Rendering Hydroflame Teaches you to understand, implement and use a TileEntitySpecialRendererWorksUntested
53Tesselator - how to use it TEXT TUTORIAL Models & Rendering Hydroflame How to use the tesselator to draw stuff.WorksUntested
51Using a wavefront (.OBJ) model TEXT TUTORIAL Models & Rendering Hydroflame How to render 3D models from .obj files in minecraft.WorksUntested