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59CUSTOM CONTAINER: HOW TO PROPERLY OVERRIDE SHIFT-CLICKING TEXT TUTORIAL GUI coolAlias How you can override the default shift-clicking action in your container.WorksUntested
56CUSTOM INVENTORIES IN ITEMS AND PLAYERS TEXT TUTORIAL GUI coolAlias Covers various aspects of Inventory, from storing an inventory in an Item's NBT tag to adding custom slots to the player's inventory screen.WorksUntested
54Events and EventHandling TEXT TUTORIAL General coolAlias How to set up and use Forge Events. WorksUntested
55Extended Entity Properties - Store extra data in an entity TEXT TUTORIAL Entities/Mobs coolAlias Big tutorial on how to store variables in existing entities, including how to save/load them from NBT and how to temporary store them when the properties gets wipes.WorksUntested
58MULTI FURNACE WITH VARIABLE-INPUT RECIPES TEXT TUTORIAL Inventory coolAlias You will learn how to make a furnace that can take recipes with any number of inputs to give a single output.WorksUntested
57USING POTIONS IN CRAFTING RECIPES TEXT TUTORIAL GeneralInventory coolAlias A simple tutorial on how to use potions in recipes.WorksUntested